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If you've ever wanted to train directly with me through Skype lessons but couldn't afford it then this is for you.

With my online coaching subscription you'll be able to get my direct guidance and feedback on how to move forward with your voice.

It's not a bunch of generic scales that you sing along to or cookie-cutter "tips".

Instead, we'll communicate back and forth.  You'll send me recordings of your voice and I'll show you the specific vocal exercises and technique adjustments you need to make to see the results you've been looking for.

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Here's how it works

  • You'll get an email from me asking you a few questions about what you're struggling with.  You'll attach an audio or video recording of your voice so I can see exactly what you're struggling with and devise a plan to move you forward.
  • From here I will reply back to you and teach you what you need to do.  I'll attach video recordings so you can get a good idea of how to do the techniques the right way.  I'll provide all the vocal exercises you need and I'll be there to make sure you do them the right way.
  • From here it's a back and forth process of you working on techniques I've given you and then checking back to me with recordings so I can correct any problems you're having.  I'm your online coach so if you have any particular questions about anything or you're confused about anything I am just an email away and I'm happy to go into detail on any topic - not just in text but through video recordings so you have good visual and audio examples of what you should be doing to see results.
  • As our correspondence continues I will be developing a tailored routine for you that will evolve as you evolve as a singer.  You'll always know what you need to be working on and any time you get stuck, I'll be an email away so I can show you what to do to move past it.
  • The online coaching subscription is an ongoing subscription.  As you become more advanced so too will the coaching.  I'll be challenging you in new ways!

Here are some of the things I can help you with

  1. Increasing your vocal range in full voice/mixed voice.
  2. Improving your consistency so your voice is reliable and not hit-or-miss
  3. Healing a damaged voice and retraining so you can prevent future damage.
  4. Eliminating strain/hoarseness/throat tension, developing more stamina and keeping your voice healthy
  5. Improving your pitch, tone and overall confidence in your voice.
  6. Singing on different dynamics: soft, medium, loud, belting and distortion.
  7. Direction - what you should be doing and how to do it.  You'll no longer feel lost with your training.

Student Testimonials

"I have trained with many vocal teachers, including some very famous celebrity coaches, yet I was never able to develop the vocal skills I needed, until I found a great vocal coach and mentor - Phil Moufarrege. I put my trust into Phil as he was the ONLY coach I have ever experienced that recognised my real vocal issues and got me producing results RIGHT AWAY."

- Doug Zeigeinbein

"I can sing with far more EASE than ever before. Phil has taught me how to sing without strain through my bridges, how to avoid the anxiety and negative thoughts that I have always battled, and how to love my voice so that I can keep improving."

- Celeste

"The best vocal training investment I’ve ever made.  My voice has improved dramatically in all its components (range, tone, pitch, phrasing...) I have never been so confident with my voice.  Now when I sing, I get people instantly stop talking and start listening to my voice and saying "Your voice is amazing, you have a gift"."

- Quentin Bouvier

"I've had 12 vocal coaches and bought almost every vocal course out there. NOTHING comes close to Phil and his program.  With Phil's teachings my voice is reliable and strong as ever! And still going strong!"

- Jaffer Ridaa

"I can finally sing without thinking about it, and sing with FEELING. Before I felt intimidated and insecure. Now I feel confident. It's awesome."

- Dane Maxwell

"After taking lessons from Phil for 9 months, my voice transformed incredibly! I can hit B4's in full voice with ease consistently, have gotten my voice much brighter and clearer without sacrificing freedom or introducing tension, and I can sing for 2 hours straight per day and feel stronger AFTER the session!"

- Brian Zhu

"Singing used to feel so difficult and take so much effort. Now, I feel like I can sing at max volume comfortably and every note feels clean and easy.  I have more stamina, much more vocal range and feel like I'm on the path to becoming a great singer. My warmups are quicker and I feel like I know what I'm doing when I open my mouth to sing. "

- Bryan Phillips

"In just 5 lessons I feel I have gone on a vocal journey. First of all my range has increased from barely being able sing an A below high C in full voice to occasionally hitting an E above high C. I can now sing for longer sometimes singing for 3 to 4 hours a day and not going hoarse or feeling discomfort. I can sustain notes with better pitch because my voice is more free."

- Curtis Skinner

"Since training with Phil Moufarrege, I can easily access my mixed voice.  My vocal range, strength and stamina have increased a ton. I feel much more in control of my voice and can confidently sing notes I would have been nervous to even attempt when I first started.  I can sing seamlessly past my break and well into the next octave with more strength, compression and accuracy."

- Spenser

"Phil is by far one of the best teachers going around. Besides being such a genuine, down to earth, encouraging and humble person, he knows his shit! Phil can demonstrate everything he explains and knows how to connect and teach it effectively to his students. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for top quality information from a top vocal coach and person."

- Matthew Allen

"Before training with Phil, I was convinced that I was anatomically incapable of singing above a G#4 in my chest voice without strain!  And although it’s an ongoing journey, I am now getting up to B4 and high tenor C5 with increasing consistency and relative ease!"

- James Allen

"Before lessons with Phil I was totally confused about how to improve my voice.  During this journey Phil has improved my tone, range and consistency massively and given me a much better understanding of singing with a healthy technique. I can sing for many more hours in the day now and I feel brave enough to put some trickier songs in my sets. "

- Spencer Moran

Ready To Begin?  Here's How We Get Started

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Once you complete purchase, I'll email you a questionnaire via email.

2. Let me know what you're struggling with

Fill out the questionnaire I email you, and attach an audio or video recording of your voice.

3. Your online coaching begins!

I'll email you with audio/video recordings and show you what to do next to unlock your voice!  Then we'll correspond back and forth.

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