Finally...Get my COMPLETE system, exercises and FEEDBACK you need to sing with more vocal freedom, range and consistency - night after night.

Regularly updated.  Personal guidance from myself.



I've tried just about every vocal technique, exercise and piece of advice out there.

  • "let your voice flip to falsetto when it wants - it will grow later!"
  • "stick to your comfortable range only!"
  • "just relax and sing from the heart!"
  • "pull your chest as high as you can!"
  • "sing with your mouth closed!"
  • "sing with your mouth open!"
  • "your belly should inflate like a pregnant woman!"
  • "Sing on a yawn!"
  • "Never sing on a yawn!"
  • "As you sing up you push down!"
  • "Don't worry about support!"

I did mum's, nay's, sirens, vocal fry, ng slides, buzzy zz's, I even did plain 'ol vowels on arpeggios.

There's a million different pieces of advice and over the years I've figured out how to sort between what's useful at specific points in your vocal development and what needs to be thrown out.

I've built my voice, lost it, built it again, lost it again, built it again a million times.  I had to figure out not just how to "hit" a high note here and there, but how to consistently sing day-in-day-out and maintain my voice, range and freedom.

What I found was sometimes techniques or exercises won't work - not because they are bad or wrong, but because it was the wrong choice for THAT PARTICULAR ISSUE.

Let me give you one example...every time I tried to sing high in full voice, my larynx would raise and get really tight.  Now at the time, I was practicing with a program that was encouraging me to sing really bright on wide vowels.  This was making the problem WORSE not better!!


Because those kind of exercises are TERRIBLE for someone with an issue like what I had.

So I figured out I had to practice my vowels HOOTY/HOLLOW sounding and let my voice get a bit more shaky and light around the area I would usually strain.  After a while of doing this, I went back to singing normally and my voice had way more freedom than before.

Then from there, I could start to implment the more brighter, wide sounds to build more strength in my voice.

Can you see how the approach I took was way different than what most people do?  What do we usually do?  If something doesn't work, we just jump on youtube and try to find another exercise, another tip and pray that works.  But what I showed you in my example above, was how I methodically worked out an issue, and strategically picked the right exercises to solve the issue.

BOOM!  More freedom, ease, range and consistency.

What vocal exercises should you be doing and how do you know if you're doing them right?

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • "My biggest struggle is not having a clear direction or clear techniques.  All I need is someone to tell me : “Do exercises X Y and Z every day, and this is how you do them correctly.” I want to know that the things I’m doing are actually helping build and strengthen my voice"
  • "Right now I have to hunt around the internet for answers when I get stuck and that can be even more tiring than the singing itself. Everyone claims that their way is the right way, and everyone’s take is a little bit different and I don’t know who to trust."
  • "What I'm struggling is transitioning between my chest voice and head voice in singing. I can do it fairly easily in a singling exercise but in a song I struggle. I am a gigging musician and I avoid anything that uses my head range unless it is a reedy falsetto. I just seem to tighten up when singing a song."

It's easy to get frustrated and confused when every singing teacher is saying something completely different.  What information is correct?  Who are you meant to trust?  What exercises should I be doing?  How can I know if I'm doing them right?

So we jump on YouTube and find yet more "exercises" and "tips".  But the problem is you're getting an isolated piece of the puzzle and you have no idea whether it's even relevant for you, or what to do if you struggle through it.

For example, you find a video saying "how to sing through your vocal break without strain!" and it's an exercise like an "NG slide".  They have you say the word "siNG" and hold the "NG" at the end of the word.  "Just slide that up!"

Well what's going to happen is three things:

  1. best case: you do it correctly and it works!  Lucky you!
  2. You slide up but you flip into falsetto while you do it
  3. You lock up in chest voice and strain

Basically it's a gamble.  And you aren't shown how to fix it if you do it wrong, and you aren't shown what to do next if you do it right or how it fits in with the greater picture of applying it to songs.

So success is not based on the exercise itself, it's understanding what problems your voice has and then choosing the right exercises that deal with those specific issues and then knowing how to move forward from there.

It's about getting the right exercises for YOUR voice, being shown HOW to do them correctly and then what to do if you encounter any obstacles or strain while trying to implement the exercise.

Rather than generic advice like "just practice more!" or "just don't strain!", rather than "one exercise" or "one tip", what you need is a complete system that can take you from where you are now to where you want to be.


The COMPLETE steps, exercises and feedback you need to sing with more freedom, range and consistency - and do it night after night.



THE PRO SINGER'S VAULT is an online course that you get a login and password to access.  Inside you get step-by-step video lessons and audio workouts that'll show you how to sing with more freedom, range and consistency.  The videos load extremely fast and also work on mobile devices very well.

Let's talk about what's inside the course itself...


How can you make sure you're training properly and have a clear direction on what you should be working on?

With THE PRO SINGER'S VAULT, you get access to my private facebook community where you can post your recordings/questions. I'll give you personalized feedback on what you're doing well and what you need to focus on in the course.  Every week you check back in to make sure you're doing the exercises correctly.



The vowels are key to building more range, freedoom & consistency.  But even more important is HOW you do them.

Not only will you learn this, but you'll also learn where YOU need to start.  You're going to enter this program with your own unique issues.  For example, you might join some other program and they tell you to sing everything really light and relaxed when your actual issue is that you don't sing LOUD ENOUGH! You'll never get anywhere because the advice you're given isn't catered for you!

What you get in THE PRO SINGER'S VAULT is several different starting points, and where you start will depend on your unique issues.  For example, if you come to this course with a tight, high larynx, you'll start in the hooty vowels section. 

And how will you know what issues you suffer from?  Through the personal feedback I'll give you in the private facebook community, you will learn what your unique struggles are and where to start.  As your voice finds more freedom, you'll move into different sections and develop your voice further.


Most courses/teachers have "no contingency plan" for what to do when you strain.  They'll tell you "just do these exercises and only go as high as you can comfortably"

Probably the biggest KEY to success with your training is knowing what to do WHEN you encounter an obstacle.  Not if, but WHEN.

Do you "just keep practicing"?  Not with THE PRO SINGER'S VAULT - you get detailed video lessons on how to overcome the most common issues you are going to encounter.  And if you're confused about what's causing your strain/inconsistencies then I'll give you personal feedback in the private facebook community.


In this section you'll learn how to fuse your singing and speaking voice together so they're one inseparable unit. 

This is one of the most overlooked, yet powerful keys to singing with more consistency, confidence, and cutting down your warm up times.

If you've ever had the experience of being able to sing freely through exercises but not in actual songs then this section will really help you solve the issue.


Once you understand how the techniques work from the video lessons, try them out on the blank scales.  There are Male & Female range versions of each scale.

What you may not realize is that different scale patterns will target different problems in the voice.

For example, if your voice is speaking voice is tight, you'll tend to bring constriction from your low range up into your high range which will cause strain in your high range.  In a case like that, I will usually have you start on descending scales first to fix the problem.  Once you get better you move on to more difficult scales.


A lot of people think "practicing singing" means turning on some songs and "just singing".  Your voice will always be hit-and-miss this way!!

This section will show you a far more strategic way to practice your singing so you can not only develop better freedom, ease, pitch and consistency - but also developing your style and phrasing.

¥33,000 ($297)

  • Online course with over 60+ step-by-step video lessons and audio workouts showing exactly how to develop more freedom, range and consistency.
  • Works on your computer and mobile phone.
  • Learn not just the exercises but HOW to do them and what to do if you encounter obstacles on the way.
  • FREE access to private Facebook Community so you can get feedback/guidance and stay on track.

“I can’t believe how well my voice has been these past few months. I literally wake up with a warmed up voice now.”

- Jordan Pass, UK

I helped Jordan expand his range up into the 5th octave, eliminate strain and sing with way more freedom and a natural tone.

"My range has increased from barely being able sing an A below high C in full voice to occasionally hitting an E above high C."

“I trained at a top theatre school in London and never got the range and freedom I desired. I also trained with an Estill voice coach with some but very little improvement.

After looking at a lot of different coaches and methods I came across Phil on Youtube, what first interested me was his ability to explain and most importantly demonstrate how to train and apply that training to actual singing.

In just 5 lessons I feel I have gone on a vocal journey. First off all my range has increased from barely being able sing an A below high C in full voice to occasionally hitting an E above high C. I can now sing for longer sometimes singing for 3 to 4 hours a day and not going hoarse or feeling discomfort. I can sustain notes with better pitch because my voice is more free.

When I review our Skype lessons it is very clear Phil has an exceptional ability to hear what is limiting me and how to solve it. I can’t praise him enough not only has he helped me overcome my technical issues, but he has also helped me overcome my psychological barriers.  This has not only helped my singing but also my life in general.”

-- Curtis Skinner, UK

“The best vocal training investment I’ve ever made.”

“Phil has taught me the ability to smoothly bridge, and also the ability to bring up chest musculature and really learn how to belt properly. Previously I was using an extremely heady coordination.
If you’re serious about singing, and don’t want to waste your time and money, Phil is the man!”

– Quentin Bouvier


When Quentin first contacted me, he was struggling to sing songs above G4 and had to do it all in falsetto. He wanted to sing: Survivor, Michael Bolton and Ronnie James Dio but couldn't take his full voice high enough!

After training with me, Quentin’s full voice range has grown into the 5th octave (useable in songs). He's removed almost all of his French accent and he greatly improved his power, phrasing and now is able to sing all those high rock and rnb songs with far better tone, freedom and confidence.

“I feel as if I’ve made a ton of progress in such a short time, 10x more than I did in four years!”

“Phil makes SURE that you’re doing the exercises correctly. I feel truly lucky to have this man as a coach and mentor. Phil’s broken the connotation “you get what you pay for”. His lessons are of the same, or even better quality than vocal gurus who charge up to 10x in price!”

– Jay Spencer

Jay came to me practically pitch deaf and his highest note was an E4. Since then he's grown his range up into the 5th octave and can use it in actual songs.  His tone, pitch, freedom and confidence in using it all has skyrocketed.

"I tried two other online programs without results before I found Phil on youtube. I felt like this is a guy that started in a very similar skill level that I did and he is singing at a level that I aspire to. After starting the program I immediately started seeing results.

I was sitting down on a beach with my girlfriend this morning, without focusing on perfect posture, and I was able to sing clear words on a G above middle C which used to stress me out and make me think all of the conditions had to be perfect to get that result, and even if I had "perfect conditions", I would often times still be inconsistent.

I've never felt so grounded as a singer until now. I knew my private teacher was missing something and what I'm learning in Phil's course t is definitely it.

Very excited to continue the program!"

- Chase Polk

Chase - Before & After

I finally have the range and freedom to sing what I want - and I can show you too.

It's always hard to trust a vocal coach who can't sing here's the proof. I had to learn all of this from SCRATCH - I had no natural talent for singing whatsoever.

"Does your technique work for my style?"

Whether it's rock, metal, rnb, soul, gospel, jazz, pop, punk/hardcore, classical, I got you covered.

Technique and style are different things.  Technique gives you the FREEDOM to explore your style more freely, which gives you access to more colours, range, dynamics etc.

What you'll learn in this course will not LIMIT your style, it will ENABLE it.  I already showed you the proof too.

My students and myself all sing very different styles, so you can see the evidence in the testimonials above.

"I tried 5 other online vocal coaches and realized Phil has the best, most accurate, and clear explanations of them all. Seriously. Before I felt like I was doomed and limited to what I was born with. Now I feel like I can really improve the quality of my sound, and get tones closer to the artists I admire."

Philippe Nassif

"Phil is by far one of the best teachers going around. Besides being such a genuine, down to earth, encouraging and humble person, he knows his shit! Phil can demonstrate everything he explains and knows how to connect and teach it effectively to his students. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for top quality information from a top vocal coach and person."

Matthew Allen

"It wasn’t until my first lesson with Phil that I even had an IDEA of what I was doing wrong. Which was somewhat saddening to me considering I had been to three teachers who had called themselves “experts”. I had struggled with my singing for YEARS. I went to many vocal coaches. None of which could tell me what I was doing wrong until I met Phil. I’m truly grateful for this course, the skill and kindness of Phil, and this community. "

Kelly Kilson

"I have studied with many teachers in NYC (many of who have YouTube videos). Phil is the only one who has made significant improvement in my vocal range and quality of sound! After working with many coaches from bel canto, SLS, to even classical methods, my greatest frustration was that they could not hear what I was doing incorrectly and properly address it. Phil has this ability and constantly works to remediate difficulties. The proof is in the results he produces!"

Peter Schwartz


This course isn't right for everyone.

  • This course is probably NOT for you if you are very advanced already, and need more specific one-on-one training.  If this is you, book a private Skype lesson with me instead.
  • This course IS suitable for BOTH male and female.  The reason I don't have many female student clips is because they are too shy to let me share them publicly ha ha.
  • This course IS for you if you struggle with your voice in terms of range, pitch, strain, freedom, stamina, tone and applying it all to actual songs.  If you are willing to put in the training to overcome this then I am willing to help.
  • This course may NOT be for you if you have NOWHERE where you can practice loudly.  You will need to sort out somewhere to train where you can be loud.
  • This course IS for you if you want to sing genres similar to pop, rnb, rock, metal, punk/hardcore, classical, jazz, gospel, soul.
  • This course might NOT be for you if you are interested in only a VERY SPECIFIC niche technique such as a very specific grit/distortion or traditional Indian music etc.

I not only know you’ll see excellent results with THE PRO SINGER'S VAULT, I guarantee it. If you don’t LOVE it, simply write to me within 60 days, show me you did the work and I will refund you your money. Let me tell you why I’m doing this.

I invite you to follow the course every day – don’t mix it with other things, just follow the course every day, post in the Facebook group if you get stuck and watch what happens with your singing.  I’m certain you’ll be impressed with not only the changes you see in your voice, but also the peace of mind you’ll have – not needing to go around the internet hunting for answers anymore.

I built this course after YEARS of training countless different singers from scratch with all sorts of unique problems including myself.  This is way different than taking an already great singer and just giving them a few “tips”.  Not to mention I had to build my own voice from scratch, which was the hardest thing ever. 

I have poured all this knowledge on building a great singing voice FROM SCRATCH into this course for you.  While you may recognize some of the exercises; it's the DETAILS and thorough explanations that make this course exceptional.

I really don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity just because you’re afraid of taking a “risk”.  With THE PRO SINGER'S VAULT, you not only get the step-by-step instructions you need, you also get the feedback and personal guidance you need to ensure you’re training properly.  I’ve eliminated all the risk of failure.  I’ve made it very simple – trust the system, put in the work and you will see the results.

So here’s my simple offer: If you don't LOVE this program and don't see benefit from it, I insist that you get your money back. It's simple: Join the program and see for yourself.

Recommended by Marnell Sample - pro voice teacher

What they're saying

Join the singers who are seeing results and staying driven to achieve their goals.


This isn't just a bunch of vocal exercises or theory. I'm here for you.

Imagine yourself 12 months from now.  Rather than hunting around YouTube for answers, leaving frustrated; you could be happily "putting the miles in".  Knowing exactly what you need to do and just doing it...freeing up your time to focus on the ACTUAL SINGING.

You could be waking up each day with a clear plan for developing your voice, and actually seeing the results you hoped for.  And knowing that if you get stuck, I'm there to help you rather than just selling you a course and running away.

You've seen the proof.  You now only have to ask yourself: Are you serious enough to MAKE THIS HAPPEN YOURSELF?

It's time to make a decision.

¥33,000 ($297)

  • Online course with over 60+ step-by-step video lessons and audio workouts showing exactly how to develop more freedom, range and consistency.
  • Works on your computer and mobile phone.
  • Learn not just the exercises but HOW to do them and what to do if you encounter obstacles on the way.
  • FREE access to private Facebook Community so you can get feedback/guidance and stay on track.