How Spenser got more vocal range and freedom to finally record his original songs

In the video below you'll see how my student Spenser was able to dramatically transform his singing voice in about a year studying with me.

"Since training with Phil Moufarrege, I can easily access my mixed voice.  My vocal range, strength and stamina have increased a ton. I feel much more in control of my voice and can confidently sing notes I would have been nervous to even attempt when I first started.  I can sing seamlessly past my break and well into the next octave with more strength, compression and accuracy."

Before we started working together Spenser felt his voice was a big barrier blocking him from singing his original music the way he wanted. He had a limited range and felt like he didn't have the vocal freedom, consistency or stability to sing the way he wanted.

Now he can finally get his songs completed without his voice being a barrier and now he has the freedom to sing his songs the way he wants and he has been pursuing a professional career with his songs.  His vocal range dramatically increased and so has his confidence.

The biggest challenge Spenser had to overcome was building STRENGTH in his voice.  A lot of teachers will overly focus on trying to get you to "relax your voice" but the problem is most of the time you're straining because your voice is lacking strength.  So a lot of my approach is about learning how to stay in chest voice instead of leaving it, and we build good compression in the vocal cords so that you can stay in your chest voice and go up past your break.  In fact we totally got rid of Spenser's break and he can just sing right up into the 5th octave in one voice.  The way you get to that is by staying IN your chest voice, not leaving it.

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