How Greg Increased His Vocal Range up to D5 In Just A Few Weeks

In just a few weeks I helped Greg Giraudo increase his vocal range up to D5 in a useable way and gain more freedom and dynamic control in his existing range.  Here is a cover he did of QUEEN's Show Must Go On after working with me for just a few weeks.

It takes a lot of vocal range to sing in the range of Freddie Mercury.  You don't just need to sing high either, you need to be able to sing high with POWER as well.

A thin, shaky "mixed voice" won't cut it either.  You need to be able to sing in a very chesty, solid full voice.

The way I teach this is by STAYING IN chest voice, not "smoothing the vocal break" or "hiding the transition".

Is it really possible to do that without getting stuck, losing your voice or straining or sound like you're shouting?


When you have a voice with this kind of power, control, range and stamina it gives you a TON of options and versatility as a singer.  It opens up the doors for you to sing so many more songs with confidence. 

No longer do you have to worry about a vocal break or being afraid of certain notes or feeling like you can't survive through the song.  Instead your voice "just works" and you can focus on the musical performance of it rather than "omg will I get through this??"

Best wishes

Phil Moufarrege

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