From E4 to B4 in just 9 months studying with Phil Moufarrege

If you're a singer who has been stuck with a limited vocal range, or suffers from going hoarse after every practice session then I think you'll enjoy this singing transformation.

Brian Zhu is a singer who started Skype lessons with me about 9 months ago.  He creates cover songs and originals on YouTube and always felt like the main thing holding him back was his voice.  Since studying with me, he's increased his vocal range, clarity and vocal stamina greatly within a short period of time.  I'm looking forward to seeing his channel evolve over the coming years.

I started singing a year ago, and I've been extremely fortunate to have Phil as my first real vocal coach. I'd been looking on YouTube for singing tips for quite some time and ran across one of Phil's videos. The way he broke down how the voice functioned in a clear, systematic, and easy to understand way instantly drew me in. His no B.S, logical, and straightforward teaching style is something that seems pretty rare among vocal teachers these days.

When I first began, my voice was very muffled and dull, and the highest note I could hit was E4, which I would have to shout through. On top of that, I had an annoying vocal cord closure issue - which caused my voice to become hoarse after every practice session.

However, after taking singing lessons from Phil for 9 months, my voice has transformed incredibly! I can hit B4's in full voice with ease consistently (I can go up to E5 in scales - full voice), have gotten my voice much brighter and clearer without sacrificing freedom or introducing tension, and I can sing for 2 hours straight per day and feel stronger than I'd been starting the session!

My voice feels completely different than it used to - much smoother and much more consistent. I no longer have to yell and strain to get through to high notes, and singing is no longer as strenous as it was before.

I had high expectations when I began taking lessons with Phil, but he has managed to exceed them! What is unique about Phil is that he didn't start off as a "natural" singer - it was something he had to painstakingly built up, so he knows the ins and outs of how to develop your voice from scratch. As someone who isn't a natural singer, it's very encouraging to learn from someone who was in the trenches as well and is now able to sing so well.

The one amazing thing about Phil is that he is OBSESSED with the proper development of the voice. He is someone who tries to optimize every single moment of each day to improve the voice. He'll experiment with different sleeping postures, head positions, breathing methods while lifting weights etc. in order to see the effects on singing.  This type of passion rubs off during the lesson.

Phil's mission is to have you reach complete vocal freedom as quickly as possible. Phil also has an extraordinary ear - he is able to quickly diagnose what issues are in your voice in a matter of seconds. This along with his mentality of finding the best vocal exercises or scales tailored to you, even if it means discarding suboptimal ones, has made my progress skyrocket. Phil does not follow a cookie-cutter approach to each lesson - he will tailor the lesson to what issues he hears in that very moment. These qualities are what make Phil a truly exceptional vocal coach.

Brian Zhu


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