Sing with far more ease than ever before with Phil Moufarrege

For about a year or so, I’ve been studying singing regularly with Phil Moufarrege.  I can now sing with far more ease than ever before.  He's taught me how to sing without strain through my vocal bridges in full voice, how to avoid the anxiety and negative thoughts that I have always battled, and how to love my voice so that I can keep improving.

Before meeting Phil, I had been training singing for nearly 1 year with other teachers face-to-face.  Although the lessons helped me get started, they could never diagnose the issues in my voice or tell me how to avoid cracking and flipping into falsetto. They'd just tell me “sing LOUD!” and I would end up just yelling and my throat was in pain all the time. I was always just pushing...never singing.

I knew that there must be a way to fix this so I searched online and saw Phil on Youtube and contacted him immediately. I saw immediate results from only taking 1-2 lessons with him.

He can hear every little misalignment in your technique and he'll tweak your approach with exercises and teach you how to apply it all into to songs the proper way. I had an issue with engaging the root of my tongue and the classical teachers who were teaching me couldn’t hear it, but Phil did, even I had no clue I was doing it until he explained everything.  

When I first started studying with Phil I was only seeing him monthly. During this time I was still getting lessons from other teachers who had different approaches.  These other coaches would always say “sing with more breathiness”, “don’t get too loud, keep singing at the same volume”, etc… But this advice never worked for me and left my voice in so much pain! But at the time I was naïve and I would always hear pop stars sing with the same strain anyway so I continued and thought that the pain will go away if I kept at it. Wrong!

Then I would see Phil again after a month or so of training with other teachers and he'd always ask “what happened to your voice?!” It was just so hoarse and he’d fix it straight away and singing would feel so easy again and enjoyable...but then I’d go away and abuse my voice again by listening to other misguided information online and I’d return to Phil after a month and he’d fix it again.

This cycle went on and I was going around in circles, so after a while I finally put my foot down and realized that I needed to stop listening to other people and just stick with Phil.  I started seeing Phil weekly, not monthly, WEEKLY this time. We kept working together to get my voice conditioned, to build my range up. 

I've been getting better after every each and every lesson with Phil.  He's helped me overcome the fear I had, the mental barrier and the anxiety that I used to get when I use to hurt my voice.

My range has greatly improved.  I'm singing with more freedom and sounding better than before. I used to only be able to sing just one line from a song and that's it.  Now I can go through entire songs.

Every lesson is exciting because I'm getting better and gaining more stamina. I sing for hours everyday now.  As long as I still see Phil to make sure I’m on track I do fine.

My advice to anyone reading this: if you’re unsure about your voice, don’t go anywhere else, take lessons with Phil - because he addresses your problems before they become a habit! If you’re aspiring to become a singer, you should really study with Phil because he knows everything about the voice and can teach you how to build yourself into an artist.


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