Singing Transformation: How Yago Went From F4 to A4 In 3 Weeks With My Singing Program

Today I'm going to show you how a student of mine, Yago, increased his full voice vocal range by 4 notes, from F4 to A4 in just 3 weeks working with me.

When Yago first joined my program, he sent me an email saying:

"I've been singing for years and I've tried so many different teachers and techniques and I always end up straining on F4 and losing my voice every time.

Whenever I reach F or F#4 I start to strain or immediately go to falsetto.  My goal is to develop a solid mixed voice, but no matter what I do it always seems impossible."

He started working with the program for a few weeks then asked for my feedback on some of the exercises.  I gave him a few adjustments and then told him to come to one of the group coaching calls I offer in the program.

He came in and told me that just off that single tip I gave him in the email, it made a huge difference in his voice.  I took him through one of the exercises to see how he's going with them and he zipped right up to the A4.  He told me this is the first time his voice had ever done that.

And this is just in the first 3 weeks of him joining my program.

This is the difference that having a PROPER and PROVEN system in place can make.

And the difference between singers who transform their voices and singers who continue to struggle is:

The singers who struggle don't get the proper GUIDANCE.  They just try different exercises on the internet not knowing whether the exercise is even relevant for them and not knowing whether they're even doing it right or not.

The singers who make massive transformations are the ones who:

  1. Have a systematic and proven process that can take them from where they are now to where they want to be. 
  2. Get the PERSONALIZED GUIDANCE they need so that they can make sure they're executing their training the right way and getting closer to their goals instead of just spinning their wheels mindlessly.

This is exactly what I provide when you work with me.  You don't just get the exercises and the techniques, but you get the personalized guidance you need so you'll never be lost with your voice again.

Take care

Phil Moufarrege


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