Jaffer Ridaa's Singing Transformation

If you ever feel confused about all the singing terminologies, techniques and methods out there and don’t know what and how you should be training, then I think you’ll find Jaffer’s singing transformation here very inspiring – after struggling with his voice for years trying to find the right teacher and method for him, he now has insane range, control, and tone and can now tackle difficult stuff like Bruno Mars and Journey.

What Jaffer has to say about his singing transformation

"I started singing like 3 years back and had previously never studied voice or anything ...Hell I didn’t even know that the voice was something you could actually train - I always thought that you were either born with it or not.

So when I started singing training, I discovered that there’s a lot of fancy words and terminologies (at least fancy for me!) that vocal coaches threw in my face during lessons.  And sometimes I was a bit too embarrassed to keep saying "I don’t understand what this term means…" and "I dunno what to do!"

And they couldn’t see that I was confused! NONE of them! And these are like the most expensive vocal coaches out there!

All these terms confused me, so I started making up my own terms that made sense to me! And when I used my own terms the teachers couldn’t understand me! So frustrating! And very expensive in the long run!

So I went through about 12 singing teachers and bought almost every singing program out there until I finally came across Phil Moufarrege! This guy could see straight away if I didn’t understand and would then explain stuff to me easily and simply so I could finally understand what all those fancy terms meant!

He even used my own terms because they made sense to me and remembered them each and every time we did lessons together.  He knows how to teach and he knows how to explain the voice.  NOTHING comes close to Phil and his program – he’s the best.

Before I trained with Phil and his program, my tone was thin and shrilled and I hated my tone! I just couldn’t get any depth and I couldn’t understand support. I didn’t know how to sing with stability and I was stuck in my range – I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. My voice got tired and was unreliable. With Phil’s teachings my voice is now reliable and strong as ever! And still going strong!"

How Jaffer transformed his singing voice

A big issue when I first met him was he had a very husky voice and couldn’t stay on pitch or get through difficult songs.  He would throw all he had into his voice and I had to teach him how to place his vowels properly so he could sing more clearly, which improved his vocal stamina immensely.

I showed him how to PACE himself through songs and tease the audience – build the song up, don’t sing on a 10/10 the entire time, and sing the song EASILY.  Singing should feel EASY and COMFORTABLE.

Since training with me and my program, Jaffer has increased his vocal range and power, improved his tone and can now sing full songs staying on pitch without wearing himself out.

Jaffer's original music

Instead of feeling like he has to go around the internet searching for exercises, Jaffer now has the freedom and ease to sing the songs he wants - including his own originals.  Above is his new song that I helped compose, produce and mix for him.  Check it out!

 Phil Moufarrege

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