Sing past your vocal break in mixed voice with Phil Moufarrege

Since training with Phil Moufarrege, my range, vocal strength and stamina have increased a ton. I feel much more in control of my voice and can confidently sing notes I would have been nervous to even attempt when I first started. I also learned a lot about how my own voice works; I know how to easily access my mixed voice and understand the muscle coordination required as I sing in different ranges.

Before I started training with Phil, I couldn’t sing above an A4 and had a very harsh singing tone. Now I can sing seamlessly past my break and well into the next octave with more strength, compression and accuracy.

I used to have a very unbalanced voice, muffled in one part of my range and too much of a choked nasal sound in another. My voice is now much more consistent and smooth through all ranges. These were problems I couldn’t even hear in my own singing when I started, and never would have fixed had Phil not picked up on them.

I chose Phil as my teacher because I was looking for someone to help me sing past my break in a way I could understand. I realized Phil was different from other vocal teachers I’d had because he went through the whole learning process himself and knew exactly what I was going through and what I needed to do to get to where I wanted to be.

He really understands how the voice works and can explain the logic behind every exercise we do. He's able to pick up on problems I can’t hear in my own singing, figure out why they are there, and take me through exercises to fix them.

Before I started lessons with Phil, I was very frustrated with singing. I was hesitant to sing in front of others, especially solo. Now, I have grown to love my singing voice and can confidently sing in front of others.  I'm also now able to sing my own original songs and record them the way I've always wanted to.  My friends didn’t believe me when I told them it was me singing on the recordings! 

Getting lessons with Phil Moufarrege was easily the best career choice I’ve ever made!

- Spenser


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