I am now singing up to tenor high C5 without straining - Singing Transformation with Phil Moufarrege

Before training with Phil, I was convinced that I was anatomically incapable of singing above a G#4 in my chest voice without strain!  And although it’s an ongoing journey, I am now getting up to B4 and high tenor C5 with increasing consistency and relative ease!

I’ve always felt that my voice was rigid and inflexible, and that the only way for me to sing well was to belt out those notes. Phil is showing me that this needn’t be the case, and I’m now starting to discover a flexibility and freedom in my voice that I’ve never felt before.

I have tried lessons with several singing teachers over the years, and have been extremely frustrated at my lack of progress. When I saw and heard Phil explain his background and the vocal struggles that he had overcome, it resonated with my own experiences, and I felt that he could help me where no one else has been able to...and he has!

Before working with Phil, I really felt that I had plateaued in my vocal development. I was frustrated that I couldn’t sing my favourite songs in their original key, as they were often way too high! Since I began with Phil, I’m discovering things about my voice that I didn't realise were possible for me. Not only is my chest voice range increasing, but I’m also getting higher in my head voice....I’ve even discovered whistle voice!

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