How I created I'VE DRAWN A LINE - Composing, Production, Mixing & Vocal Technique Breakdown

behind the scenes Mar 10, 2018

Here it is - the behind the scenes breakdown of how I created the heavy, pumping RnB track I'VE DRAWN A LINE.

It's broken into three parts:

  • Pt1 - I show the very early concept stage of the song, how I composed it and how the song changed over time.
  • Pt2 - I show how I produced and mixed the track.
  • Pt3 - I break down my vocal technique and how I was able to perform it live in one take with relative ease.  I also show some of the mistakes I did and how to improve on them.

PART 1 - Concept & Composition

PART 2 - Production & Mixing

PART 3 - Vocal Technique Breakdown

I hope you enjoyed the break down of my latest song.  If you found it interesting and have a comment or question don't hesitate to let me know and I'll try to get back to you.

If you'd like to learn how to sing with more ease and consistency then hit me up for a Skype lesson or get your hands on my self-training singing program.

Phil Moufarrege

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