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Hi, I'm Phil Moufarrege.

The fastest way to get better at singing is to have a CAPABLE teacher who can feed you the right sounds and HEAR if you are replicating those sounds correctly.  This is what I'm good at.

I will show you how to produce your sounds in a way that will lead to better freedom, range, consistency and tone.  I will show you what is holding you back and how to overcome it.

I will hear if you're doing the sounds the right way or not, and I will likely spot habits that are holding you back that you were completely unaware of.

What is Skype?

Our lessons will take place online, through a FREE calling program called Skype.  It allows us to do a webcam call together privately. 

You'll need to download Skype for free here.

Make sure your webcam and microphone are working.  You can set that up inside of the Skype app once you've installed it.



Brian Zhu

"I had high expectations when I began taking lessons with Phil, but he has managed to exceed them!

Before studying with Phil, my voice was very muffled and dull, and the highest note I could hit was a E4, which I would have to shout through. On top of that, I had an annoying vocal cord closure issue - which made my voice hoarse after every practice session.

After taking lessons from Phil for 9 months, my voice transformed incredibly! I can hit B4's in full voice with ease consistently, have gotten my voice much brighter and clearer without sacrificing freedom or introducing tension, and I can sing for 2 hours straight per day and feel stronger AFTER the session!"

Dane Maxwell

"I can finally sing without thinking about it and with FEELING. Before I felt intimidated and insecure. Now I feel confident. It's awesome."

See Dane's full singing transformation

Jaffer Ridaa

"I've had 12 vocal coaches and I've bought almost every course out there. NOTHING comes close to Phil or his program!
When I started singing I was confused about all the fancy terms that vocal coaches threw in my face during lessons. Sometimes I was a bit too shy to keep saying "I don't understand what this term means" And they could never see that! NONE of them! Finally I came across Phil Moufarrege! This guy could see straight away if I didn't understand and would explain stuff to me very simply.  He knows how to teach and he knows how to explain the voice.

Before the teachings of Phil Moufarrege, my tone was thin and shrilled and I hated it! I just couldn't get that depth and I couldn't understand support. I was stuck in my range and could not figure out what I was doing wrong. My voice would get tired and was unreliable. With Phil's teaching my voice is now reliable and strong as ever! And still going strong!"

See Jaffer's full singing transformation.

Spencer Moran

"Before lessons with Phil I was totally confused about all the conflicting information out there on how to sing with more range. As a result I had some bad habits which always left me feeling vocally tired and quite frankly I hated my sound and lack of range. I was just thoroughly depressed about my voice.

With Phil, I feel like I have a much better understanding of how the voice works and I feel like I'm on a journey of constant improvement with Phil's guidance. He's a great guy that is without any doubt the best teacher I've ever had in any discipline. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He has genuinely made me so excited about the future again, feelings that had subdued themselves over the years. I know with patience, hard work and his guidance I will get my voice very close to where I want it to be."

Quentin Bouvier

“The best vocal training investment I’ve ever made.  Before training with Phil, I had no confidence because I was totally focused on the fear of my voice cracking.

In three years training with Phil, my voice has improved dramatically in all its components (range, tone, pitch, phrasing...) I have never been so confident with my voice.  Now when I sing, I get people instantly stop talking and start listening to my voice and saying "Your voice is amazing, you have a gift".

Up to this point, I am no longer afraid to sing anything in any part of my range. Whether it is a definite song or improvised vocals, I have the power and flexibility to produce the sound that pops in my head without freaking out about my technique. I have developed a strong tenor voice."

See Quentin's full singing transformation

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