Work with me directly & get your voice to a level where you have the vocal range, freedom, ease and control to sing🎤 your favorite songs in their original keys, live, consistently.

Watch this video and see how it all works 👇


The Pro Singer's Vault consists of an online course + group zoom calls + online community.

🎤 The course consists of 4 modules and will walk you through all the techniques, concepts and exercises you'll need to transform your voice.

🎤 We do group coaching calls over zoom 2x per week where you can ask questions, get personalized feedback, corrections and mentorship from myself to make sure you're getting the most effective results possible.  IMPORTANT🛑 When I say "group", I don't mean me teaching generically to an entire group.  You will be able to get individualized feedback and corrections to whatever questions or confusions you are having with your voice on the calls.

🎤 The private online community is also another way for you to ask questions and get feedback and also connect and collaborate with other singers who are on the same journey as you.

This setup will give you all the mentorship and guidance you'll need to make the most powerful singing transformation possible.  And I am now offering this program + community + zoom calls for lifetime access.

Over the last 10 years I've perfected a step-by-step repeatable process that'll help you:

Skyrocket your vocal range and have it be usable in actual songs.

Completely eradicate your vocal break and never worry about flipping or cracking again.

✅ Learn masterful volume control so you can sing from soft to medium to loud without your voice becoming unstable.

✅ Develop rock solid stability and get a voice that is RELIABLE and CONSISTENT.

✅ Get tremendous stamina to handle even the most difficult songs night after night.

✅ Get a voice that works naturally and autonomously so you can stop worrying about technique and focus on the performance.



The Pro Singer’s Vault is an exclusive mentorship program.  It's for you if you’re a beginner, intermediate, pro, male or female singer wanting to get a voice that can sing any song you want confidently, and a voice that really holds up when singing in front of others.

If this is you, you’re probably struggling with:

🛑 Not being able to reach the notes in your favorite songs/originals and having to compromise by lowering the key to the point where the song loses its feeling.

🛑 Having to use so much effort to sing that you don’t have the stamina to get through full songs.

🛑 Feeling anxious when asked to sing in front of others because you never know if your voice is going to work or not.

🛑 Lacking the control, consistency and freedom to do the things you want to do artistically.

🛑 Not being able to move forward with your artistic goals because your voice is holding you back.

What This Program Focuses On...

✅ Focuses exclusively on helping you get the vocal range, freedom and control you need to sing the songs you want to sing confidently.

✅ Through structured video lessons, exercises and techniques.

✅ That has clear checkpoints, milestones and standards so you can turn the intangible into the tangible.

✅ Gives you the personal mentorship and guidance you need, tailored to YOUR individual voice.

✅ A living, breathing, and evolving system that adjusts to YOU and answers your questions.

✅ Focuses exclusively on getting results, not doing mindless, random exercises over and over again hoping something will change 10 years from now.

✅ Where everybody is aligned towards the same goals: results, fun and happiness.

✅ Where the focus is on implementation, corrections and collaboration.

✅ That feels like hanging out with friends (but with real results too).

Here's how the course is structured

MODULE #1 - Installing Your NEW Singing Engine

Reset any bad habits and strains you’re currently having that’s sabotaging your progress.

⭐Learn how to properly breathe & “push from the diaphragm” and eliminate throat strain.

⭐Get Low Larynx Compression - the #1 critical ingredient you’ve been missing to get the vocal freedom, stability and control you’ve been looking for.  This is your NEW SINGING ENGINE.


MODULE #2 - Your Secret Weapon For Vocal Freedom

 ⭐Using your NEW singing engine - You’ll learn exactly how to increase your vocal range and eliminate your vocal break with specific exercises.

⭐Learn how to properly sing with an open throat, stable larynx, resonance, good placement, breath support, mixed voice, raised soft palate etc. AUTOMATICALLY without having to think about any of it.

MODULE #3 - Autopilot Singing & Insane Stability 

 ⭐Develop “autopilot singing” where your voice PULLS you into the notes and the proper positions AUTOMATICALLY.

 ⭐Get monstrously strong vocal cord compression & closure.

 ⭐Learn how to control your volume and sing even high notes without having to be super loud and without your voice getting shaky or unstable.

 ⭐Get way more stamina and control to get through tougher songs more reliably.

MODULE #4 - Flexibility & Tremendous Ease

 ⭐Learn how to properly RELAX and LOOSEN your voice without it falling apart.

 ⭐Get a natural tone by removing all the “muscling” and “efforting” from your voice.

 ⭐Develop a sense of incredible EASE and suppleness WITHOUT sacrificing power, stability or control.

 ⭐Develop the dynamic control and versatility to sing over many different styles with great expressiveness and feel.

 ⭐Be able to sing from a soft volume...all the way to maximum power...and in-between, without the voice becoming overly heavy or effortful.

You'll Also Learn How To...

 ⭐Strengthen your falsetto and skillfully go between chest voice and falsetto.

 ⭐Learn and practice songs more effectively.

 ⭐Keep your voice healthy and recover from strain.

 ⭐Reduce your warmup times and amounts of vocal exercises you do, so you can spend more time actually singing.

 ⭐Drastically improve your ear and pitch so you can sing in key without needing backing tracks.

 ⭐And more…


Countless singers took their singing to the next level within just a few months.  Here's what they're saying...

Get the personal mentorship and guidance you need, tailored to YOUR individual voice.


 ⭐ We do 2 group coaching calls over zoom each week where you can get any questions answered, have corrections made to your singing technique, ensure you're training the right way and help you overcome any obstacles or confusions you may be having.

⭐You'll be in a tight-knit group of singers going through the exact same journey as you and you'll learn a ton by hearing them ask questions and also hearing how the technique works in different voices.

⭐ You'll see others in the calls who have dramatically transformed their voices and it will inspire you and make you realize this is very real and that you can do the same too - especially when they tell you that just a few months ago, they were in the same spot as you.


Ask questions, get feedback and collaborate with other singers.

⭐ You'll have access to a private online community where you can ask questions, get feedback and guidance from me - so you can make sure you're training the right way.

⭐Collaborate and connect with other singers on the same journey as you.

⭐Your participation in the community will help evolve and shape the overall mastermind and turn it into something that is special for everyone including yourself.  You'll have fun, stay accountable and motivated to progress further with your singing.

How to sing in mixed voice and sing without strain.

"I can finally sing without thinking about it, and sing with FEELING. Before I felt intimidated and insecure. Now I feel confident. It's awesome."

- Dane Maxwell

How I went from tone deaf and straining to singing Journey songs

"Before training with Phil, I was convinced that I was anatomically incapable of singing above a G#4 in my chest voice without strain!  And although it’s an ongoing journey, I am now getting up to B4 and high tenor C5 with increasing consistency and relative ease!"

- James Allen

How to sing in mixed voice and sing without strain.

"When I came across Phil, I instantly knew he could build a voice like mine, because he started from a similar position as me and wasn't a naturally talented singer.  Before training with Phil I couldn’t sing above a D4 in chest voice.  Now I can reach Bb4's in full voice consistently in songs. Besides range, my tone is also a lot clearer and more even."

- Jake Lim

Ready To Take Your Voice To The Next Level?

I am now offering lifetime access to the course + community + zoom calls.  This program currently has a 100 member cap because we will be working closely together in a tight-knit community.


  • step-by-step online course.
  • weekly group coaching calls.
  • private online community.
  • Lifetime access


  • Click "APPLY" and you'll be taken to an application form to fill out.
  • Once you've filled out the form you'll be able to schedule a zoom call with me personally where we can see if this program is a good fit for you.
  • On the call we'll talk more about your situation, answer any questions/concerns/dou
  • If we both decide that this program is a good fit you'll be able to enroll.

Is The PRO SINGER'S VAULT right for you?

This course is right for you if:

✅ You're sick of not having enough vocal range to sing the songs you want.

✅ You can't get through songs because you're straining and generally find your voice hit-and-miss.

✅ You've put your music goals on hold because your voice isn't "ready".

✅ You're sick of losing your voice and always having to worry about whether your voice will be recovered in time for gigs/tours/recording sessions.

✅ You're looking for a structured system that can guide you towards your goals instead of random tips.

This course is NOT right for you if:

❌ You're looking for a "magic trick" to solve your problems -- singing takes WORK and you will need to PRACTICE what I'm teaching you in this course to see good results.

❌ You don't have access to somewhere you can practice loudly.  You will need to sort out somewhere to train where you can be loud (even if it means parking your car somewhere and practicing in the car -- I did that for years and it works fine).

❌ You don't plan on STICKING WITH IT CONSISTENTLY.  It is NOT to be "mix-and-matched" with other teacher's methods -- you'll only be causing more problems and confusion for yourself.  I want you fully committed in this course.

Here's How My Students Sing

How I increased my vocal range by an octave

"After starting the program I immediately started seeing results.  I was sitting down on a beach with my girlfriend this morning, without focusing on perfect posture, and I was able to sing clear words on a G above middle C which used to stress me out and make me think all of the conditions had to be perfect to get that result, and even if I had "perfect conditions", I would often times still be inconsistent.  I've never felt so grounded as a singer until now. I knew my private teacher was missing something and what I'm learning in Phil's course is definitely it."

- Chase Polk


"I have trained with many vocal teachers, including some very famous celebrity coaches, yet I was never able to develop the vocal skills I needed, until I found a great vocal coach and mentor - Phil Moufarrege. I put my trust into Phil as he was the ONLY coach I have ever experienced that recognised my real vocal issues and got me producing results RIGHT AWAY."

- Doug Zeigenbein


"The best vocal training investment I’ve ever made.  My voice has improved dramatically in all its components (range, tone, pitch, phrasing...) I have never been so confident with my voice.  Now when I sing, I get people instantly stop talking and start listening to my voice and saying "Your voice is amazing, you have a gift"."

- Quentin Bouvier


"Phil's input was key in how I needed to approach my higher range. Sometimes a small thing makes a tremendous difference and helps you unlock something you never thought you could achieve in such a short time. Practice is only effective when you practice the right way. Practice smart, not just hard"

- Greg Giraudo


Can This Course Replace One-On-One Lessons With A Teacher?

This program is MORE effective than studying with teachers, including myself.  In fact I stopped doing traditional "lessons" and exclusively work with singers in this program.

  I’ve had many students who switched from studying with teachers (even expensive ones) to my program and got more results in just the first 3 weeks with my program than years of one-on-one lessons with other teachers. 


❌ A common problem with most singing courses out there is that they'll just give you some exercises and you won't know if you're doing any of it right.

❌ A problem with one-on-one singing lessons is that outside of the lesson you won't have any material to work on.

With the Pro Singer's Vault, you'll have:

✅ The step-by-step course material to work with

✅ The personalized feedback and guidance in the zoom calls to make sure you're doing everything right.

✅ You'll also be able to reach out to me anytime on the community and ask questions. 

You have so many ways to get support and you'll never have to go "hunting on YouTube" ever again.

This is NOT "just a singing course".  This is a living, evolving mentorship program that is tailored to YOUR voice.

Where do you want to be 12 months from now?

You could do nothing and stay where you are.  But do you honestly want to continue wasting your time going down the YouTube rabbit hole doing thousands of random different tips and tricks hoping that something is going to click.

Do you really want to have to hunt down all the thousands of different pieces of the puzzle and figure out how to put them together? 

It took me 15 years to do that.

Wouldn't you rather have a PROVEN system that contains all the KEY INFORMATION you’ve been missing...and shows you how to implement it so you can finally get results?

Imagine the difference that would make over the next 12 months with your singing.

Those who take action get a clear roadmap that takes them towards their singing goals.  Those who don’t take action have to go back to thousands of random YouTube videos and ineffective singing lessons.

Why wouldn't you want to be guided by someone who's actually struggled with the same things you have...and overcame those same obstacles?  And successfully helped other singers too?

I can say with full confidence that you will make the best vocal transformation in the next 12 months with this program than you've ever made in your life.

You will have me by your side every step of the way.  I have a proven, reliable process of transforming voices that doesn't rely on "luck".  I can consistently and repeatably get results for every singer who works with me.

So you now have a decision to make.  And to be really should be a no-brainer.  I've shown you more than enough proof that this system works not just for me, but for other singers too.

You finally have that opportunity to REALLY make a massive transformation with your voice.  Now it's up to you.

Are you ready to begin?

How to sing in mixed voice and sing without strain.

"I can sing with far more EASE than ever before. Phil has taught me how to sing without strain through my bridges, how to avoid the anxiety and negative thoughts that I have always battled, and how to love my voice so that I can keep improving."

- Celeste

How I increased my vocal range by an octave

"I've had 12 vocal coaches and bought almost every vocal course out there. NOTHING comes close to Phil and his program.  With Phil's teachings my voice is reliable and strong as ever! And still going strong!"

- Jaffer

How to sing in mixed voice and sing without strain.

"In just 9 months my voice transformed incredibly! I can hit B4's in full voice with ease consistently, have gotten my voice much brighter and clearer without sacrificing freedom or introducing tension, and I can sing for 2 hours straight per day and feel stronger AFTER the session!"

- Brian Zhu

Here's What Singers Who Used My System Say...

"As for my own progress, I had been singing seriously for about a year before starting, and I had made some progress with my vocal teacher, but not a whole lot in the vocal range department. After only a few months on Phil's course, I started to make pretty sizable strides in discovering mix voice, as well as the correct way to use breath support."

"I've tried a bunch of other singing programs and no one explains it as good as Phil.  Also the private mastermind group is a great resource. It's hard to get confused with his videos since they are so clear."

"I spent years training other methods. Nothing worked. Everybody just tried to trick my voice into sounding better without curing the underlying constrictions.

I clicked with Phil because of two things. First, if you have some experience trying out different stuff you will realize that he's talking from experience. Where other teachers say 'open your voice' and expect you to execute it. Phil understands that saying you to do something doesn't grant you the ability to do it.

Second thing is the personalized feedback you get from him in the private mastermind group. You'll post a recording of your singing in the facebook group, Phil will tell you, ''ok, go to this and this section'' and you're good to go, posting new recordings to adjust your course.  This is huge, because he's there for you. If you tried other programs you'd get an instruction and either hopefully you do it right or you squeeze the shit out your throat trying to replicate the sound.

So hopefully you'll make a good choice. If it's a first program you consider I sort of envy you, because you'll save yourself a lot of anger, frustration and money."

"I've been singing since 2003 and have tried many different approaches that didn't help me, which made me hesitate to buy this course - why should this course do anything that voice teachers before couldn't? But having joined, I can definitely recommend the course.

Not only do you get regular updates for no extra fee, there’s Phil’s feedback in the private group – either he writes back or, depending on the issue posted, even posts video messages back.  What really impressed me is how quickly I noticed a serious change in my voice!

For the first time in my experience with voice teachers, I actually understand what Phil is getting at -- concepts I’ve been wondering about for years, finally clicked when he explained them!"

"Phil is by far one of the best teachers going around.  Besides being such a genuine, down to earth, encouraging and humble person,  he knows his stuff!  Phil can demonstrate everything he explains and knows how to connect and teach it effectively to his students.  I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for top quality information from a top vocal coach."

How to sing in mixed voice and sing without strain.

"My range has increased from barely being able sing an A below high C in full voice to occasionally hitting an E above high C. I can now sing for longer sometimes singing for 3 to 4 hours a day and not going hoarse or feeling discomfort. I can sustain notes with better pitch because my voice is more free."

- Curtis

How I went from tone deaf and straining to singing Journey songs

"Phil is by far one of the best teachers going around. Besides being such a genuine, down to earth, encouraging and humble person, he knows his shit! Phil can demonstrate everything he explains and knows how to connect and teach it effectively to his students. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for top quality information from a top vocal coach and person."

- Matthew Allen

How to sing in mixed voice and sing without strain.

"Before working with Phil I was totally confused about how to improve my voice.  During this journey Phil has improved my tone, range and consistency massively and given me a much better understanding of singing with a healthy technique. I can sing for many more hours in the day now and I feel brave enough to put some trickier songs in my sets. "

- Spencer Moran

You've seen the proof that this works. 

Apply below and let's get started working together!


Try THE PRO SINGER'S VAULT for a full 7-Days, 100% Risk-Free

I not only know you’ll see excellent results with THE PRO SINGER'S VAULT, I guarantee it. If you don’t LOVE it, simply write to me within 7 days, show me you did the work and I will refund you your money.

Let me tell you why I’m doing this:

I invite you to follow the course every day – don’t mix it with other things, just follow the course every day, post in the Facebook group if you get stuck and watch what happens with your singing.  I’m certain you’ll be impressed with not only the changes you see in your voice, but also the peace of mind you’ll have – not needing to go around the internet hunting for answers anymore.

I built this course after YEARS of training countless different singers from scratch with all sorts of unique problems including myself.  This is way different than taking an already great singer and just giving them a few “tips”.  Not to mention I had to build my own voice from scratch, which was the hardest thing ever.

I really don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity just because you’re afraid of taking a “risk”.  With THE PRO SINGER'S VAULT, you not only get the step-by-step instructions you need, you also get the feedback and personal guidance you need to ensure you’re training properly.  I’ve eliminated all the risk of failure.  I’ve made it very simple – trust the system, put in the work and you will see the results.

So here’s my simple offer: If you don't LOVE this program and don't see benefit from it, I insist that you get your money back. It's simple: Join the program and see for yourself.