Does any of this sound familiar?

  • "I just want to focus on actual SINGING and have the technique be there, without worrying about whether or not I'm going to strain or miss a particular note."
  • "I do a bunch of various vocal exercises everyday, but I don't really know if they are relevant for my voice or if I'm doing them the right way.  I'm worried I'm reinforcing bad habits and I don't know what to do about it."
  • “I feel like I'm scraping by each gig and don't have the vocal range I need to tackle the songs I REALLY want to sing."

Yes?  Then you're in the right place!

I had no talent for singing and had to learn it from SCRATCH.

Hi, I'm Phil Moufarrege. I'm a singing teacher, singer/songwriter and producer.

I never started out as a good singer who simply got better. I started out with absolutely no ability to sing even remotely in tune, and no matter how hard I tried I could never sing higher than an F4.

I couldn't sing any song I liked or even any of my own original material and it frustrated me.

For almost a decade, I tried every technique, method and exercise you can think of and I had almost no results to show for it.

Eventually I got to the point where my vocal range improved, but I could only yell out a few high notes here and there.  I had the range for my songs, but I would have to punch in every word line-by-line...I couldn't actually sing any of it live.

If you can relate to this, then I may be able to help you.

Since then, I finally figured out the REAL way to find the kind of vocal freedom and consistency needed to sing with ease, and have been teaching it with great success since.  My USEABLE range has improved dramatically.  The freedom and accuracy that I have to sing songs in one-take has tremendously improved.

If you feel like you are lacking the freedom, consistency and confidence you need to put on killer performances night-after-night, then you are in the right place.


Here's how I sing now

This song of mine has lots of high notes in full voice, like A#4's and even C5's.  When I first started singing I couldn't get ANYWHERE near these kinds of notes.  It took years ofstudying many different vocal methods, piecing together everything and lots of trial and error until I figured out the secret of building a wide ranged, consistent, stable, reliable singing voice.

Student Testimonials

"I have trained with many vocal teachers, including some very famous celebrity coaches, yet I was never able to develop the vocal skills I needed, until I found a great vocal coach and mentor - Phil Moufarrege. I put my trust into Phil as he was the ONLY coach I have ever experienced that recognised my real vocal issues and got me producing results RIGHT AWAY."

- Doug Zeigeinbein

"I can sing with far more EASE than ever before. Phil has taught me how to sing without strain through my bridges, how to avoid the anxiety and negative thoughts that I have always battled, and how to love my voice so that I can keep improving."

- Celeste

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"The best vocal training investment I’ve ever made.  My voice has improved dramatically in all its components (range, tone, pitch, phrasing...) I have never been so confident with my voice.  Now when I sing, I get people instantly stop talking and start listening to my voice and saying "Your voice is amazing, you have a gift"."

- Quentin Bouvier

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"Singing used to feel so difficult and take so much effort. Now, I feel like I can sing at max volume comfortably and every note feels clean and easy.  I have more stamina, much more vocal range and feel like I'm on the path to becoming a great singer. My warmups are quicker and I feel like I know what I'm doing when I open my mouth to sing. "

- Bryan Phillips

I have been training with Phil for a little while now and it's been such an insight and exciting transformation as well as a heap of fun. Everyday when practicing something new clicks and I start reaping the benefits. Each lesson is always a progression forward from the last and the lesson videos are vital to my growth and understanding of the voice. I'm now able to understand and know how to belt without hitting a wall and blend my voice. It makes me soo inspired and excited and so glad that I found a vocal coach who I can trust and teach me all the things I've always wanted to learn.

Phil demonstrates everything, and helps you understand what you are doing, so you start to learn how to do it for yourself. I have never experienced that with any other coach before! I feel truly blessed to have found Phil. He is a seriously gifted teacher, with a wealth of vocal gold, which he freely gives out of and an innate ability to hear your vocal problems and get your voice where it needs to go. He is not only the best vocal coach I have ever had but can sing his butt off, write, record songs and also play instruments. He is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for everything Phil.

- Christine Listopad

"After taking lessons from Phil for 9 months, my voice transformed incredibly! I can hit B4's in full voice with ease consistently, have gotten my voice much brighter and clearer without sacrificing freedom or introducing tension, and I can sing for 2 hours straight per day and feel stronger AFTER the session!"

- Brian Zhu

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"I can finally sing without thinking about it, and sing with FEELING. Before I felt intimidated and insecure. Now I feel confident. It's awesome."

- Dane Maxwell

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"In just 5 lessons I feel I have gone on a vocal journey. First of all my range has increased from barely being able sing an A below high C in full voice to occasionally hitting an E above high C. I can now sing for longer sometimes singing for 3 to 4 hours a day and not going hoarse or feeling discomfort. I can sustain notes with better pitch because my voice is more free."

- Curtis Skinner

"I've had 12 vocal coaches and bought almost every vocal course out there. NOTHING comes close to Phil and his program.  With Phil's teachings my voice is reliable and strong as ever! And still going strong!"

- Jaffer Ridaa

See how Jaffer sings now

"Since training with Phil Moufarrege, I can easily access my mixed voice.  My vocal range, strength and stamina have increased a ton. I feel much more in control of my voice and can confidently sing notes I would have been nervous to even attempt when I first started.  I can sing seamlessly past my break and well into the next octave with more strength, compression and accuracy."

- Spenser

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"Phil is by far one of the best teachers going around. Besides being such a genuine, down to earth, encouraging and humble person, he knows his shit! Phil can demonstrate everything he explains and knows how to connect and teach it effectively to his students. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for top quality information from a top vocal coach and person."

- Matthew Allen

"Before training with Phil, I was convinced that I was anatomically incapable of singing above a G#4 in my chest voice without strain!  And although it’s an ongoing journey, I am now getting up to B4 and high tenor C5 with increasing consistency and relative ease!"

- James Allen

"When I found Phil I had been looking for a teacher to teach me how to sing in my body voice (or full voice).  I had begun work on a project of Hawaiian music and my producer pointed out that I sang primarily in falsetto (a surprise to me).  He wanted me to work on singing in my body voice and asked me to find a teacher who could take me there.

I first found Phil through his free classes he offers on YouTube.  His instructions are so clear and helped me to find just where the body voice was.  After devouring his free classes, I knew that I needed to have a one on one vocal session.  It has been over a year of studying with Phil and I'm able to go to my high notes more and more solidly in full voice now instead of falsetto.  Every lesson I get stronger and stronger in the technique.  

His capacity to hear what your voice is doing and immediatly customize techniques to help you target an issue is amazing.  He helps you move from the exercises to the application of songs with ease.   And the way he can spot work on issues to improve your songs is eye opening.   Most of all - he makes learning fun and keeps each lesson unique with his insight.  Learning becomes something exciting to look forward to each lesson.  I always come away with some new awareness and something new to work on.  He simply spirals you and your voice to a better place. 

Phil is a gift and I so appreciate what he brings to singing."

- Patrice Kaohi

"I picked Phil because he seemed to have solved all the problems that I was having. For 6 years of working with different teachers my voice seemed to be stuck at E4 in chest voice and my tone was really muffled. I just thought that's all my range will ever be and I'll never be able to sing along to my favorite vocalists. This all changed during my time working with Phil.

Phil is a great listener and can identify exactly what's going on with your voice. In the past three years Phil helped me to strengthen my voice tremendously. I discovered my mix and increased my range a lot! I actually thought all the songs on the radio were just not for me. Way too high, but now they are all within reach :) What’s maybe most important: I feel more comfortable and confident with my voice. I also enjoy the process of improving much more because I finally know I'm on the right path."

- Felix Beck

"Before lessons with Phil I was totally confused about how to improve my voice.  During this journey Phil has improved my tone, range and consistency massively and given me a much better understanding of singing with a healthy technique. I can sing for many more hours in the day now and I feel brave enough to put some trickier songs in my sets. "

- Spencer Moran

"When I came across Phil, I instantly knew that he could build a voice like mine, simply because he started from a similar position as me and wasn't a naturally talented singer.

Before training with Phil I couldn’t sing above a D4 in chest voice.  Now I can reach Bb4's in full voice consistently in songs. Besides range, my tone is also a lot clearer and more even, through better breath support and strength in general."

- Jake Lim

"I discovered Phil on YouTube when I clicked on one of his videos which addressed the exact vocal problem I was experiencing at the time. I immediately went to his website, booked a lesson, and started really growing my voice. Since I began working with him, my vocal control and range expanded drastically, and not only did my vocals improve, I gained a great understanding of my own voice. Thank you Phil!"

- Duvy Burston